Hugs For Fears

I was down in my sweat shop working on a Christmas present when I heard Russ come home. Usually Shay would jump off the yellow chair in my work room and run to him, leaving me for the rest of the evening, but she did not. Instead she came and scratched my leg. Since I was in the middle of quilting the steadiness of my leg was important to the right speed of my sewing. “Shay, what’s wrong? Go see Daddy.”

She normally would leave me. Then she sat right on my foot on the peddle. I stoped sewing and rolled my chair bag from the sewing table. Shay did a full on vertical jump from a sitting position to my lap. “What’s wrong?” And then a huge clap of thunder came. No warning from the weather channel on my phone, just my meteorologist dog Shay.

She sat on my lap with her whole shivering body pressed against mine as hard as she could. I held her tight, but her heart was beating so fast. Between yesterday’s storm, the illegal fireworks going off last night and this storm she probably lost a pound of two from serious shivering.

This fear of storms and loud bangs is something new for our seven year old dog. She never used to be afraid. Even though the inventor of the thunder shirt lived across the street from us, we never even tried one on her. I don’t know how she grew into this fear, but it is real to her.

Russ and I brought her up to our bed, which is her home base and she is still afraid, but less so. I am going to have to pay closer attention to her and not think she is interested in sewing the next time she comes and sits on my feet. Poor girl, I can’t stop the rain, only hug her.

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