Hot Time In The City

When we picked a time to come to Chicago we thought June would be cooler here than North Carolina. We were wrong. It was a sweltering 93°degrees today with 67 % humidity. Not the makings of a good tourist day, but fun was had nonetheless less.

First go back to last night, our whole reason for coming to the Windy City was to eat at “city mouse.” It did not disappoint. We were warmly greeted and the hostess inquired who in our group was the city mouse. Logan was then treated with the reverence he deserved. Our server, who could have been Drew Barrymore’s twin, brought us a complimentary appetizer due to Logan’s celebrity status. From there we went on to enjoy a lovely meal that included quite a lot of cheese.

To help counteract our dinner we decided to walk back to our hotel since it was just over a mile. It all would have been fine if I didn’t miss the incline in one section of the sidewalk and do a full on ugly fall. In some kind of miraculous move I did not rip my pants or really cut myself up. A road rash palm and some bruises were all I really had.

After a good night’s sleep I was still ambulatory so Russ and I set out to get our steps and visit some museums while Lynn and Logan went in the opposite direction and shopped. It was insufferable outside so after a visit to Millennial Park we went to the the old chicago Public Library to look at the building and then of to a very cool new museum of the American Writer.

We met up with Lynn and Logan at Eatly for lunch and then braved the sun, heat and humidity and did the architectural boat tour. A lot has changed along the river in ten years since the last time I took that tour. The worst part is the new giant Trump building with his name in giant letters across the side. It is so not Chicago. No other buildings are branded in such a gaudy way.

We all needed showers and rest after our time in the sun. We rallied in time to go to Boku for a very memorable meal, but it was still too hot at ten at night to walk the three miles back to the hotel so we took a questionable Uber. Tomorrow we are off to the Chicago Art Institute since the heat is predicted to be a record breaking 95°. Where is the Windy City?

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