A and B Teams

Years ago my friend Lynn and I went on a trip with some other friends and our daughters. This was when I discovered Lynn is a B team traveler. It should not come as a surprise to me as an A team traveler that I would be needed for reservations, directions, instructions, guidance and all things trip leaderish. Lynn is much more easy going than I am and is happy to go with the flow on a trip. I on the other hand am, well, on the other hand.

Today Russ and I are going away with Lynn and her husband Logan and are flying Southwest. True to our A and B team designations, Russ and I were boarders A 1-2 and Lynn and Logan were B 45-46. We just like perpetrating the stereo types.

The reason we are going on this trip is really for Logan. Years ago when Logan was up at the farm with Russ and our friend Roman skeet shooting it quickly became apparent that Roman was at one time a sharp shooter in the Ukrainian army, but Logan was more like the quartermaster. From his disinterest in shooting Russ nick named him City Mouse.

When Russ read about a new restaurant in Chicago called City Mouse he quickly said we had to go there with Logan and so Lynn got to come along, even though she could care less about eating.

Please pray that Russ and I do a good job as the A team because nothing can happen to the four of us since we can’t leave Carter and Ellis to fend for themselves. Although Carter can always be Ellis’ A team. She has been well trained.

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