Getting There or Back is Not the Thing

I love to go places, but I don’t always like the “traveling” part of getting there. There is nothing glamorous or exotic about it, not like when I was a kid. Going on a plane was the best part of any trip back in the go-go sixties, especially to a child. But now even kids hate planes.

Yesterday Russ and I had an 8:30 PM flight home. Around 6:30 we did get a notification that the flight was delayed an hour and fifteen minutes later it went to 9:45. Hey, at least we were notified while we were still at Suzanne’s so we could eat a little dinner and watch a little more Ozark.

We went to the airport and when we got to the Delta club the nice guy checking us in told us that they hadn’t updated us with the whole story. The plane was delayed coming from DC, and that was what our first message was about, but they hadn’t bother to let us know that the crew was coming from Chicago and they were delayed another hour and a half. In the end we didn’t take off until 11:45. That’s way past my bedtime.

Russ is good at sleeping anywhere so he was out on the plane. I didn’t want to take a nap at midnight because I might never have woken up to get off the plane. So I looked out the window at the lightening for two hours. I watched us circling waiting for a break in the weather to get our plane down and thankfully we got one, even though it was not optimal. That pilot tried his best to put down our sideways swaying bird, but it took a couple of hard bangs to get it to stay on the ground. It was not pretty, but I was thankful just to be in North Carolina even if it was close to two in the morning.

There just isn’t an answer I can afford to make travel easier. The traffic on the roads makes driving tough. Airlines are no fun. I don’t go enough places that are accessible by boat and I can’t afford a private jet. A tour bus with a driver, like rock stars have, seems ideal, too bad I can’t sing. I refuse to just stay home so I might have to take up drinking again to put up with the getting any place.

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