My Black and White Phase

All through the cold of the winter I was quilting with bright and happy colors. Now that summer is here I seemed to have turned to black and white. I don’t understand this reversal of color palates to the seasons, but I am loving working in black and white.

I also needed to take a break from the large format quilting, having made three oversized king quilts as my last colorful projects. I have turned my attention to placemats. They give me lots of room for creativity and I can finish the whole project myself.

I need to work on some Christmas presents, but before I turn to that I am making a series of alphabet placemats. As I make letters for each person I got to thinking about what if there is a guest for dinner. I don’t think I can make a whole extra set of 26 letters to have just so the guest can have their initial. So I made a “?” so anyone can use it. I hope that the guest is not offended by a question mark. I hope they see it as cheeky because that is how it is meant.

I am not sure when I am going to move out of the black and white phase. I am fighting the color scheme for one of my Christmas gifts because I don’t want to work in brown, which is the color that would best fit the receiver. I know gifts are supposed to be about the person you are giving them too, but when you make a gift you have to spend a good amount of time looking at it. I don’t think I can spend two weeks looking at brown.

If I ever go through a brown phase, call the doctor, something is wrong with me. For now I am going to love my black and white phase.

3 Comments on “My Black and White Phase”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Is the “M” for Michie?

  2. fa says:

    Your question mark mat is genius! If the guest asks what it means the answer is that question marks are for all guests. And the question mark signifies Mystery guest! That way any guest can use this mat. One more idea…you often have couples for dinner so I would make another question mark mat so you have two. Finally, since Logan and Lynn will be eating at your house weekly in the future… let them use a question mark mat at least once before Christmas. Then for Christmas give them their own mats as presents. Their mats could each have double L’s or maybe an M instead. The M would stand for the word member. Since they already are the most honored and frequent guests of all you might as well make them special mats since they will be there all the time and certainly are not a mystery to you. I love the mat idea with letters and the B&W scheme is really classy.

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