Not Enough Time With These People

My NYC art plan for today was to go to the Met, but then Suzanne texted me at 4:01 AM, because that’s when middle aged women wake up, “It’s the Puerto Rican day parade today. Check the route because it is going to make things difficult.” Thankfully I did not wake up at 4:01 to read that message, but when I did wake up and read it I knew I had to change my plans.

The Met was out since it was the ending point of the parade. Getting across town was also going to be difficult if we didn’t do it before 11:00. So all our plans changed and thankfully Suzanne, and the boys were up for the new plan.

Susanne’s, sons, Jack and Oliver are my honorary children and I am their aunt/crazy friend. They like to do a lot of the same things I do, especially play games and they are good players. Ever since they were little I would play at my normal competitive level with them so they consider quite a badge of honor to beat me. So given the chance to try they take it.

We started by going to brunch. Jack, at first thought he might not go and just chill since he has a serious internship at Bloomberg this summer and needs to rest for work, but then he decided more time with me and Russ the better. It was a sweet move.

After brunch we went back to the house and played four hours of bridge. Since Russ does not play he was a very good sport and he entertained himself, he couldn’t even walk that much since it was raining.

Jack got worn out from the brunch/bridge combo so Suzanne and I moved to watching one of her Netflix shows she is hooked on, Ozark. As our flight home kept getting pushed back we watched more and more. Sadly Russ and I left without finishing the episode we were watching only to be told at the Delta club that the flight has been pushed back even more.

Sometimes not knowing what might screw up your day in advance means you end up doing something so much more fun. There is nothing I like more than time with the Worden/Farley’s and they are so generous with their time, feeding us and supplying lifetime of stories and laughs.

The really good egg award goes to Russ for hanging out while I did things I love. Thankfully this is the absolute end of my birthday celebrations. Think, he only has ten and half months until he has to do it again.

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