Good Wood Saves the Day

Russ and I almost bombed out in the art department today, but Suzanne came to the rescue. We started our day sitting in the window of an Israeli restaurant having breakfast and watching the early morning dog walkers and faithful on their way to services. Of course those are two different groups, the dogs were not going to services.

My favorite thing I saw at breakfast was the couple at the table in the corner, he with his big ass headphones on watching something on his supersized iPad sitting on the table easel style and her, with her big ass iPad sitting on the table easel style watching something different. It is one thing to both be looking at your phones at the table, but watching whole shows is a new low in the lack of interaction. They weren’t eating and and they were there before we got there and we left before they did.

After our breakfast Russ and I took a good walk in Central Park. After many number of steps I took a break and sat on “Amy and Betty’s” bench, who apparently were very committed to each other according to the plaque. I watched what I thought was a father teaching his 8 year old son how to throw and catch a baseball. The “father” would really wind up and throw the ball hard for a few throws, then would lob up high balls, all of which the kid was able to catch, even if the hard ones smarted a little. Suddenly the throwing was over and the pair went over to a mother with a stroller and another child. She handed the “father “ something and he waved goodbye to the kid and walked off. Apparently he was a baseball tutor. Not something I see in Durham. So much for the tender father son moment.

We continued our walk all the way down Central Park West to Columbus Circle. Both Suzanne and my sister Janet had suggested I would like the Museum of Art and Design. They have rotating exhibits and since this is an Art and Design kind of weekend I thought it would be a hit. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I am not sure I have ever been to a museum where I honestly did not like one thing I saw in four floors of exhibits. Talk about a dud.

Iced tea was my only remedy to this poor art situation so we stopped in at the bar of the Landmarc in the Time Warner building and chilled out with extra lemon. The bartender had to ask me if when I wanted extra lemon in my tea if that was code for vodka. Sadly it was not.

By this point in my walking day I needed a shower so we walked back and got clean before I took the subway downtown to meet Suzanne and her friend Chris at the Whitney to see the Grant Wood Exhibit. It made up for my need for good art today. Way beyond just American Gothic the exhibit had quite a huge gathering of Wood’s works. My favorite was the one of George Washington cutting down the Cherry tree and being admonished by his father. Wood used the face of Washington on the dollar bill but put him on a young boy’s body. The whole thing was very cheeky, especially the way George seems to be blaming the axe and not appearing to be remorseful.

While I was looking at good art Russ walked all the way downtown and met us at the Whitney where the four of us enjoyed a lovely dinner outside. No humidity and the perfect 75 degrees. It was so nice that we decided to walk the entire length of the high line to get us further uptown and home. My walking total for the day was 9.25 Miles so with American Gothic, Russ and good friends I count it a very good day.

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