Belated Birthday Celebration

When Russ can’t think of anything to give me for my birthday he makes a certificate for a trip. There is nothing I like better than a trip. Who needs more stuff? I want memories. So this birthday trip is a double duty, a birthday trip to NYC and one where I get to see my best college friend Suzanne and four fifths of her family. Good job Russ.

We got into the city and after some fine sushi for lunch Russ and I went to MoMA. Art and vacation are a favorite combination of mine, but the other art patrons are what really make going to MoMA fun. I could have spent all my time looking at the people looking at the art. Some of the outfits were high art themselves.

After a tea break and good use of the subway we cleaned up and went down to the lower East Side to meet Suzanne and Steve for dinner. There can almost never be a dinner long enough for all the topics we had to cover, after children and families we finally got to Trump and other idiots. Since that conversation is so much longer than a dinner we went back to Steve and Suzanne’s house.

The fur babies, Chance and Esme, greeted us at the door and I got to get real hugs from Jack and Oliver who make me feel like one of the lollipop boys in the wizard of Oz they are so tall now. If only Carter and Grace were with us we would be complete.

Since we had tired of All things Trump, and let’s face it, haven’t we all, we changed the subject to TV shows. We spent a good hour discussing our favorite binge worthy shows, and thankfully Steve took notes. Now I have a whole summer’s worth of quilting and needlepointing shows to keep me company while I work.

What a fun way to belated celebrate my birthday. Tomorrow, more art, walking and Suzanne.

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