Surprising Daddy

Last night, while Russ was asleep next to me and I was watching Steph Curry rain down his record breaking threes, I got a text from Carter at camp.

“Is the intern dinner tomorrow night?”


“Is there room at the table for me?”


“I have 24 hours off and at didn’t really say good bye to you all. Can I come home for the night.”

“Of course. Do you want to surprise Daddy?”

“Yes. And can I bring my laundry.”

“Of course.”

He didn’t notice her car in the driveway when he pulled into the garage tonight. He is so used to it being there. But it was a nice surprise.

So I got a bonus visit from Carter today. Just three loads of laundry. Working in the barn is a smelly job. She had a little rest and joined us for the intern dinner. It was a nice group of young people, all from UNC, who were interesting and polite and I am sure exhausted from their first day at work. It is a lot of being on for them. Carter always enjoys meeting the interns and the ones who get hired on for real jobs and come back year after year to the intern dinner.

Sadly she has to get up early and drive back to Camp, but it was a nice surprise to have her home for a few hours. I’m not sure if we will get a proper goodbye tomorrow but this is all a bonus anyway.

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