Superior Guest

Tomorrow is Russ’ company annual intern dinner at our house. It is one of my favorite opportunities to entertain because I enjoy meeting the summer interns, who always impress me. It is my goal to make them feel welcomed, valued and important, because great interns often turn into superior team members.

Over the last week I have been designing a menu, shopping, cooking everything from scratch, including the cinnamon ice cream to top the berry crisp. I have pickled shrimp and roasted tomatoes to make homemade cocktail sauce. There are three tomatoes pies and two giant tenderloins. The watermelon is chilling for the watermelon and avocado salad. Everything is set.

Along with the interns, the rest of the team members who will be in Durham are invited. This year we have a special treat with one team member from San Francisco bringing her four year old daughter to dinner. I wish I had not thrown out all our old phone books for her to sit on at the table. I am sure a couple of big pillows will work.

As I was out shopping for food yesterday Russ texted me that a beautiful flower arrangement had been deliver to me. Such a big surprise from Mark Schweitzer, a senior member from DC. Included was a nice note thanking me for hosting the dinner and looking forward to being at our house on Monday.

It is one thing to bring a small hostess gift when you come for dinner, it is another thing to send flowers in advance and it is way over the top in the manners department to think about sending flowers three days in advance so that they will be at their peak on the day of the party. Also coming three days early means I don’t have to think about flowers on the day of the party.

Flowers of this magnitude are something you might do if someone were hosting a birthday party for you, but this is a work party. I am going to have to take lessons from Mark on how to be a superior guest. I hope that my dinner lives up to his flowers.

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