HIPPA Like Rules Needed For White House HR

Over the years I have had the privilege to serve on on a number of HR/personnel committees for various organizations and businesses. Almost all of them, both for and non-profit alike worked on the same simple principle, the golden rule. You know the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. This did not mean that if someone was not right for the job they were in, you just left them there, but you always let them go with some dignity.

If you didn’t treat people right, there could have been hell to pay, via labor laws, or really bad reputations in the hiring world.

Today’s tweet from the current holder of the White House letting Rex Tillerson know that he was being replaced seems to break every good HR practice. Yes, everyone working for the POTUS serves at his pleasure, but come on, have the decency to tell the guy directly and not publicly after he had been flying all night from Africa.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Tillerson fan. I think he will go down as one of the worst Secretary’s of State by the way he decimated the agency with many posts unfilled and cut the budget 30%. Then again, he could only do so much given the boss he had. He joined the devils team and the devil speared him.

The current POTUS says he likes the revolving door in his office, and that there are “huge” numbers of qualified people banging at the door to fill his staff positions. Not that there is any evidence that he is actually getting them to take the jobs. What he doesn’t get is that when you lack any real Human Resource rules and fire people via Tweet, you are scaring off anyone not delusional to take your open positions.

Seems like we need HIPPA like laws about some sort of privacy in hiring and firing at the White House. You got to tell the guy face to face he is being shown the door before you announce it to the world.

The guy I really pity is Tillerson’s number two guy who got fired today because he reported that Tillerson found out via Twitter. If you are going fire someone in a Tweet, don’t get mad when someone says that’s what you did. And how about that last line in the tweet, “congratulations to all.” I’m not sure Tillerson feels like being congratulated.

The rest of the country has employment laws that we have to follow, maybe the President should have to follow them too.

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