Hobby Love

Being a hobby obsessive person is so frustrating. Not that I am frustrated by my many hobbies, just that there are not enough hours in the day to do them all. My life is jammed packed with needlepoint, Mah Jongg, bridge and most recently quilting. And I love doing all those things, but there is a huge list of other things I want to try or get back to. There are just not enough hours in the day and so many ideas swirling through my head.

This quilting obsession is bad. As soon as my Mah Jonggers left my house today I went right down to my sweat shop where I am getting close to finishing the top of my favorite and biggest quilt so far. Working in very large format makes it even more difficult because I don’t have enough room to spread it all out except on the floor of my big room.

I love my sweat shop. It is cozy, bright and comfortable, but I dream of having a room three times its size with a very tall blank design wall where I could lay out things I am designing. I don’t do this quilting for a living and can’t justify commandeering more space in my house to do it.

I know I am obsessed because I completely lose track of time while I am doing it. I first recognized this trait when I was in college. As an art major I spent a lot of time doing photography. Once I learned to develop my own photos I would spend hours locked in the dark room working. It was practically the only thing that made me forget about eating. I remember working on one project where I went in the dark room first thing in the morning, which at the time was in a small White House near the library so very few people were ever there, and being shocked that it was dark when I came out.

Today, as I was creating the border for this new quilt, I had that same experience. Since I was making this quilt up as I went along It took a lot of math to make the pieces fit together perfectly. I was lost in the processes and after four hours I looked at my watch and realized I had to stop to go to a meeting. If I weren’t such a rule follower I might have skipped the meeting and just kept working. Thank goodness one personality trait counter acts the other.

Sadly, when I actually get tired and take a break I have Pinterest and you tube to peruse to look at other people’s work that mirror my hobbies. Someday I need to get a laundry or exercise obsession.

One Comment on “Hobby Love”

  1. happygirljan says:

    It’s looking great!!!

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