Things They Should Tell You When You Take a Baby Home From The Hospital

With all the identity theft issues going on today I signed up for fraud protection for myself and tried to do the same for Carter. Doing it for myself was no problem, but I was unable to do it for Carter. When the online application was turned down by the automated system I called the phone number I was instructed to call to do it on the phone.

Six phone calls and three transfers to different departments I finally got to the bottom of the question, “Why can’t my nineteen year old daughter get fraud protection?” In order to be protected you must first have a credit rating. If you have no credit no one will protect you if you are an adult.

Here is the real rub, if you are a parent of a minor you can get your child fraud protection to protect their future credit, because stealing children’s identity is a big business for crooks, but once you turn 18 you are on your own. Why can they protect children without a credit rating, but not an 18 year old? And how many 18 year olds earn enough on their own to get a credit card or take out a loan?

While I was discussing this issue with Carter she said, “I should just buy a house.” I laughed and told her that without a credit rating she couldn’t even do that unless she went in with all cash to do it.

Carter has had a debit card for school, thinking that was the safest way to teach her about managing money and so far she has done a great job budgeting. Now I have to get her a credit card so she can get a credit rating so she can get fraud protection so she can protect her credit rating. This whole thing is crazy.

I long for the days when I got my monthly allowance check in college from my parents and I just paid cash for things and if I ran out of money I just didn’t buy anything. Life was so much easier. I just wish there was a parenting handbook they gave you at the hospital that told me this stuff.

One Comment on “Things They Should Tell You When You Take a Baby Home From The Hospital”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Check out Zander Insurance. I believe they offer fraud protection to people without a credit rating. The same way that you can get a mortgage at someone who will do manual underwriting. Sometimes people without a credit score actually have money because they aren’t in debt. Zander fraud protection actually also assigns you a personal case worker to do all the hours of work to fix things if your identity is stolen.

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