The Effing One-Two Punch

Today is International Napping Day, for good reason. It is the first weekday after daylight savings time. This springing backwards is twice as bad as falling forward, so they don’t really equal each other out. The mess that daylight savings time causes cannot out weigh whatever it was started for. We are no longer a majority agricultural society so we should not have to artificially move our clocks anymore. Let’s go ahead and do away with the time change.

So if the time change wasn’t bad enough today, here in Durhan North Carolina, we are having the cruelest thing of all, a March snow storm. February was unusually warm, and so far March has been equally unusually cold. I am not happy about this cold, but it is still better than the 18 inches predicted for Carter in Boston. Post spring break snow days really should not happen. Her classes for tomorrow have already been canceled. At least she can sleep in to catch up on spring forward sleep mess.

Shay is the most unhappy about the whole thing. She refuses to go out in rain or snow. She is confused by the time change and why her people are getting up too early and she is mad that she can’t tell time so she can scream at the clock that it is wrong and we all should still be in bed. In protest of both the time change and the weather she has napped all day.

Dogs have it right. Maybe all the congressional dogs can convince their owners to stop the time change. It seems like a completely non-partisan issue that might make it seems like they are actually producing legislation. I am certain they are not going to take any action on climate change even though it is fairly certain have it. I think I need a nap to get over this.

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