Women Rule In Black Panther

Since Carter is home and most of her friends are not she asked Russ and I if we wold go to see Black Panther with her tonight. I am not much of a comic book movie person, but I was happy to spend time with Carter.

Knowing nothing about the Marvel family of super hero’s I had no idea about the story of Black Panther so I was pleasantly surprised about the strong female characters in this story. There is a good reason why this is such a box office hit. Not only is a good African story, but it is also a fabulous feminist one as well. The smartest people in the film are the women, especially Black Panther’s little sister who is the tech genius. What a great role model for all girls.

There is certainly something for most people to love in this well done movie, except for maybe the current resident at the White House. The last line of the movie takes direct aim at him when the Black Panther, speaking at the United Nations, says “We need to build bridges, not barriers.” Made me love the movie even more.

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