Day of Giving, Day of Winning

Some days I wish I played the lottery, but I just don’t like leaving things up to luck. Today is the Durham Academy Day of giving. Carter was planning on going over to visit school since she is home and hasn’t been able to visit school, her friends still there and teachers all year. Kelly Ushpol, who was the treasurer for our senior class party last spring, has been holding onto the leftover money from the party waiting for an idea on how to donate it to the school.

She is absolutely brilliant at matching gifts with the recipient. So this morning she texted me first thing about having the entire class of 2017 give the money that is leftover from our party to the day of giving since it will be matched. When I told her Carter was going over and could bring it on behalf of the whole class the plan was hatched.

So if you are a member of the DA class of 2017 you gave about $9 each to DA today. You can still give more, it’s never too late. But it was so nice that Kelly thought this up.

While Carter was off visiting school I was playing bridge with my bridge mentor Deanna. Playing duplicate bridge is a competitive situation and since I am just in my infancy of learning the current way of bidding I often mutter to myself while bidding, “I wish I knew how to play this game.”

I am not sure how many tables there were today because we we broken into three sections, but it must have been something like 40. I knew that we were playing fairly well, but the thing about duplicate is you are playing the same hands of bridge as everyone else and although you might win a hand you have no idea if someone else played it better until it is all over.

At the end of four hours when everyone finished the director came in and announced who the winners were and lo and behold Deanna and I finished first in the whole thing. I got 3.50 master points. It won’t mean a thing to you if you don’t play bridge, but take my word for it, it was a big day for me. Sometimes it helps to be a novice because opponents had no idea what I meant when I bid something and I tricked them. No matter, I am very grateful that I have such a wonderful mentor, teacher and friend in Deanna. She makes playing so much fun.

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