The Real Oscar Gold

Last night was the Academy Awards. I have never missed watching one since I was in double digits. The Oscars do a great job at focusing the spot light on all things Hollywood. Usually I have seen most, if not all, the films nominated for the big award and have a fairly strong opinion about which one should win. That usually keeps me up to watch to the bitter end.

Not this year. If it wasn’t a British World War II film I didn’t see it. That right, I saw The Darkest Hour and Dunkirk and no other nominated film. No Post, No Billboards, I’m not calling anyone by any name, I didn’t think water had a shape, I stayed in and since I lived through the Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding real world I already knew that story.

So this year I watched for other reasons. I wanted to see if any mistakes were made, or politicians were called out, or interesting stands were taken. I bet that the POTUS was mad no one mentioned him by name. I loved what Frances McDormand did and now I know what an Inclusion rider is.

I usually watch for the In Memorium section and live for those greats we lost in the last year, but it was a light year on talent lost, which of course is actually a good thing, or maybe there just aren’t that many greats left to lose.

The one question that I took away from watching the Oscars is what the hell is Jane Fonda’s beauty treatment? I have little doubt that she has had some work done, and kudos to her doctors because she doesn’t look surprised at all. And certainly years of doing aerobics has been good for her body, which we all must admit is outstanding. The thing I want to know is how is her skin on her chest and neck so young looking? She hardly has a wrinkled or a sag and nothing about her could be described as crepe like. The photo of her taken on my TV does not do her justice since the TV is digital.

Yeah, I know the whole thing is about the movies, but if you haven’t watched them you go to how all the old broads look. Of course Helen Marin looked great too, but not like Jane. And by the way, Meryl Streep looked fabulous in that red dress. I know the Oscars are about selling more tickets to the movies, but I think the best way is to promise that Jane Fonda will give one beauty secret out at the end of every movie. I would go to the movies every week for that and I hardly give a damn what I look like.

One Comment on “The Real Oscar Gold”

  1. Kristin Hiemstra says:

    I agree she looked great – though she appeared a bit high strung to me.

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