Don’t Complain About Laughter

Since it is Academy Awards night and I have not seen most of the nominated movies, so what did I do this afternoon? I went to the movies with my best movie loving friend Lynn and Carter. What did we see? Not the Shape of Water or Three Billboards, No, we went to see Game Night.

When we walked in the theatre we joined the only other couple in the movie, my favorite way to see a movie, practically alone with a big screen. We watched through all the previews and suddenly just as the movie was about to start four men in their twenties came in and sat in the row in front of us, just off to the side of us. No worries, they didn’t sit right in front and the movie was just starting.

Now Game Night is probably not going to win any awards, but damn it was funny. And actually very well told. Maybe it could win something…

If you know me, you know I am naturally loud. Try as I might, even when I’m whispering I am loud. Then if I think something if funny I laugh, not exactly a titter, but a big belly laugh.

As the movie was progressing I was laughing. Carter was telling me who different actors were. We were having fun. Then one of the twenty something guys leaned back and asked us to keep it down. Against my normal self, I whispered an apology and said, “sure, sure, sorry, sorry.”

We went on watching, and laughing, but not talking. It wasn’t good enough for this guy so he got up in a huff and moved to the front of the theatre. Good answer. Until he came back and sat in his original seat and complained he could still hear me laughing. Lighten up Francis.

“Hey, its a funny movie, try and have a little fun,” I said. His friends gave me a big thumbs up. I guess I wasn’t bothering any of them. The guy stomped out of the theatre, probably to go tell the management that a woman was laughing in a comedy movie.

He huffed back in a little later and slumped down despondently in another seat in the front. No manager at the AMC was going to come to his aid, they don’t bother to vacuum that place but once a year, or care of the sound is not working on a movie, they certainly were not going to come tell a woman to laugh less. Laugh loud and often.

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