Cursed Flying

Carter’s spring break started yesterday. After only being home eight days since August she really wanted to come home and chill. She had a late bio class Friday where the prof. gave a big incentive to stay for class of five extra points on the final if you made class. Not being one to look her nose down at five extra points Carter smartly opted to stay for class.

All week I was watching the weather since Carter had a 7:30 PM Friday flight. Not having a TV, it did not register with Carter when I said I was worried about the weather. Thursday night she got notice from Delta that they were already canceling her Friday flight and rebooked her on a 7:00 AM Saturday trip from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale with a half hour connection to RDU. “Balls!” was the response from Carter.

Russ found a Jet Blue flight that was leaving at 9:00PM Friday that had its aircraft in Boston. He got her a ticket on that. She went to the airport in plenty of time and waited, and waited and then at 8:00 PM they canceled that flight. The tears came fast over the phone.

“Better to be safe on the ground in a place you have a free bed, than throwing up on a scary flight, like the people flying into Dulles,” I told her as I recounted the news stories to her. She thought the weather wasn’t that bad, and wanted the airlines to “grow a pair.” Remember she had not watched any TV about how bad this storm was.

Russ, fearing she might over sleep asked if she would text him at 5:30 AM when she got up this morning in her dorm to go back to Logan. Apparently Russ was worried enough that he woke up at 3:00AM waiting for her. He didn’t know until later that she too woke up at 3:00.

Well all things worked out. She got to Logan in plenty of time, made friends with some other Northeastern kids on the flight. Got to Ft.Lauderdale early, thanks to the winds and made her connection. Shay greeted her at the airport and we all were happy.

Now both Carter and Russ are enjoying afternoon naps. The perfect beginning to spring break. The best news is Jet Blue refunded her whole ticket.

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