Healing Gravy

When I started 2018 the only thing I had in my sights, after getting Carter settled in Boston, was helping my dearest friend Lynn through her medical procedure and helping Russ through his. I was dedicated to be on the bench, ready to chauffeur, cook, read, do whatever was necessary for both of them.

I found it very convenient that they scheduled their operations just a few weeks apart. Lynn went first. Since she had a procedure on her dominant arm and was going to be in a cast for six weeks I knew it was my job to cook and drive. Although she mastered driving fairly quickly, cooking was not something that interested her enough to ever conquer.

Lynn had to grow a new bone so thank goodness she listened to her cravings and ate lots of protein. This made her happy with the meals I made. She especially liked my friend chicken and gravy. We have now renamed my gravy, “bone growing gravy.”

Today I took her back to see the famous Dr. Mack Aldridge, who did this fine procedure on Lynn. Since it involved a six inch incision on her arm she was very concerned with what kind of scar she was going to be left with. I think I was there in case she needed to be carried home after seeing her scar.

True to his famous reputation when Mack removed the steri strips holding her incision together the only thing Lynn had on her arm looked like a paper cut. Even better was the new bone she grew that we got to see on her x-ray. She still has three months of recovery to get back her strength and range of motion, but I have to say it was a very successful procedure over all.

After visiting the custom splint making therapist, who I knew well from Carter’s many visits with broken bones, Lynn and I went to lunch with our friend Shelayne. She still is using her left hand for many things, like eating, until she can fully recover, but she is well on her way.

I think that my job as medical support is almost finished. Both Russ and Lynn came through with flying colors. I think the gravy had something to do with it. That is the extent of my medical helpfulness.

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