Cleaning Satisfaction

It has been a few months since I have been my own housekeeper and I have to say I really am not half as unhappy as I thought I might be. First, I love paying myself to clean. When I think about the annual total of paying others it is quite a lot of money. Considering the cost of my hobbies I think doing my own cleaning is the least I can do to contribute to the cost of my addictions.

The second benefit is the workout I get from cleaning. Today I decided to wax my game table in the living room. This is a job no house keeper ever did and since I was not doing the daily cleaning I seemed to let it slide. Now that I do the dusting I also am more aware when something is in need of more TLC than the lambs wool wand.

My game table gets quite a workout with Mah Jongg tiles and racks being moved across it every week. While playing on a Wednesday I noticed that the finish was a little dull so I got out my English Briwax today and did a proper application. That involves putting a thin layer of the clear paste wax on, letting it dry and then buff, buff, buffing it until it is hard and shiny.

All the while I was buffing, the robot vacuum was doing its job. I just had to make sure I was not tripping on it as it wooshed by me, sucking up dirt and dust.

After I cleaned the living room, dining room, breakfast room and playroom I went to the garage to get my gallon of simple green and string mop to clean the kitchen floor. As I was pulling the jug off the high shelf I felt a big splash of wet cleaner soak into my arm and leg. Apparently I had not fastened the cap back on tightly last time I mopped.

Of course I wasn’t in “cleaning clothes,” but was already dressed up to go out to lunch with my friends Jan and Judy. Fearing simple green in concentrate form might harm my clothes I stripped them right off and washed them immediately. I was tempted to go mop the floor in my underwear, but feared I might cause the UPS man a stroke if he delivered something right then.

Eventually the floor was done and I was redressed in clean clothes. I looked around at the sparkling glass at the front door and the dust free dining room table and immaculate floors and felt a huge amount of satisfaction. It may be a very small thing, but having a well waxed game table makes me very happy. I do worry about the next generation. I can’t imagine who is going to wax furniture properly in the future, but then again, mine hardly ever got waxed before I became my own maid.

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