Christmas in March

I finished my Mom’s Christmas present quilt last week and held it until Carter was home to take it to the farm for her. It was the biggest quilt I have made measuring something like 108” x 115”. My mom picked out the materials and the basic idea of the pattern.

Making such a big project has its challenges. The first being making sure it is squared up, meaning that the sides are equal. Tina, my long arm quilter who does the quilting part of the project complimented me on the squareness of the quilt. Her opinion is very important to be because first, she is a professional and second, if there is any unevenness in the quilt it shows during the quilting process.

Russ particularly liked this quilt as did both my parents, so I am happy that my belated Christmas present was met with such smiles. At this point in life, making presents is so much more meaningful than buying things that people can buy for themselves.

Thanks to Carter for making the drive to the farm with me today. We had lunch with her grandparents at a relatively new and good Thai restaurant in Danville. It is such a dying town that it is a good when something new opens and succeeds. On the way back to the farm we stopped at midtown market to get chicken salad and on our way out of the tiny market five old women, who were not together, came in the store. They were a good representation of who lives up there. I guess now that I am a quilter I would fit right in in the aging Danville.

Now that I have made my parents two king sized quilts I am going to have to come up with something new to make them for next Christmas. There is so little they need or want. I wonder if I could learn to make a car by then?

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