Mah Jongg Lunchroom Superfoods Salad

As the Mah Jongg Lunch lady I have to come up with a yummy, healthy relatively inexpensive lunch to satisfy my Mah Jongg group every week. This is a task I volunteered for after I got fed up with the poor choices offered at the last place we played. After years of complaining, cajoling, offering recipes, pointing out menus of other places that had things I liked, I threw in the towel when no one listened. It is so much easier just to do it yourself than to convince others to do it right.

Since it is January, everyone’s favorite diet month, I wanted to make sure I was maximizing the healthy component today. So I opted for a Super Foods salad. I made a bowl of mixed greens that hid many of the healthy parts. Then I offered the rest in separate bowls so everyone could make their salad the way they wanted. It was so good I had it not only for lunch, but also for dinner.

Three Mah Jongg friends came just for lunch, too busy to play, but not to eat. I think I can offer this service to other friends who want to come and eat on Wednesdays, no need to play Mah Jongg, just enjoy my lunchroom. Of course this won’t be what’s for lunch next week.

Superfoods salad

Greens bowl included the following:

Spring mix



Steamed broccoli

Shaved raw Brussels sprouts





Toasted walnuts


Roasted sweet potato cubes- with coriander, cinnamon and chili flakes



Pomegranate seeds

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Lime juice



Salt and pepper

One Comment on “Mah Jongg Lunchroom Superfoods Salad”

  1. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    I am assuming you refer to the group that played at Hope Valley? Does no one play there any longer?

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