I Sense A Theme

Last year my friend Christy gave me the square portrait of Shay Shay. This year my friend Lane had her talented daughter Isabelle do the bigger portrait of Shay for Russ for Christmas. What are the chances that two friends would both give us art of our dog with green backgrounds? Well, I guess the chances are great.

I know we are crazy for our dog and she does seem to make a good subject. I am wondering how many more portraits I can display of her. So far she has not out “posed” my college dog Beau. I shave a painting in the sun room my mother did of Beau and a Needlepoint pillow in the living room she also stitched for me. I guess I should Needlepoint something of Shay so she will not feel underrepresented in the pillow category. I do think I have a couple of Christmas ornaments where Shay is stitched, but they are more like brown dogs that could be any dog, not specifically Shay.

We are not the only crazy dog house. My friend Sara had a portrait done of Shay’s cousin Brady and gave it to her husband. It was a big hit in their house too. Maybe it is something that runs in Shay and Brady’s family.

We don’t have many family portraits, except for the one of my Grandmother and two of her sisters that hangs in the dining room. There is something about houses where they have no real art and just pictures of themselves. I will never forget going on a garden tour in Martinsville, VA and my mother and I got to giggling about the 40 years of giant photo portraits of the family. One included their white 1970’s Cadillac Eldorado with the Family posed all around it. Others documented the children going through awkward phases, hippies phases and even one where I could not tell who were the daughters and who were the sons since they all had long hair and bell bottom overalls on.

I think it is a good idea for me to stick to dog portraits. Shay does t seem to mind posing, as long as you rub her belly after a while. I am thankful for the talented people who capture our baby, but mostly I like having the real Shay to keep me company.

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