Back In My Sweat Shop

It was a quilt kind of Christmas at our house. I made a quilt for my Dad, the yellow and grey one I posted a photo of after Christmas. I made a quilt for Carter. The one in this photo. I couldn’t post it until I gave it to her. Then I gave my mother a future quilt, but along with it she got a day of going to pick out the fabrics and going out to lunch. Since she is an artist I knew that she would love to pick out her own materials. (I probably should have let Carter do that too.)

My mother wasted no time getting me to get back in the sweat shop. Last week right after I got back from Boston she texted me with three dates to go pick out fabric. I chose her first available date because I know she is chomping at the bit to get her own quilt. Proof is that she has already discussed with me three times how to wash it.

While Carter was home I did not go to the sewing room so she could use the space since it had been part of her rooms before college. I missed being in that room, especially since it is so warm and cozy. Happily Carter left the room perfectly clean and exactly how I had left it when I went to Berlin.

Today after I came home with my bag of fabric for my Mom’s quilt I sat down at my sewing table and planned out my pattern, did all my calculations for cutting my pieces and measured my material. I love the puzzle part of designing a quilt.

My mom turns 80 at the end of the month. I know I won’t have this done by then. This is her belated a Christmas present anyway. But now I am panicking about what to do for her birthday. I can’t make a second quilt and I am running out of hobbies to turn into presents. I wish she liked to eat, then I could cook her something.

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