Thanks Watts Grocery

You know what January is? The month of deprivation eating. It’s not just the post holiday cleanse that I need, but the post first year of DJT eating. 2018 has got to be better. After spending the first week of the year getting Carter settled in Boston and dealing with the coldest temperatures I have seen in a long while it is time to concentrate on being in control of my own life.

The cold doesn’t help. All I really want to do is make some homemade hot chocolate and a grilled cheese. It took all my will power today to eat a salad for lunch, but I know the eating madness has to end.

Unfortunately life happens while you are trying to to be healthy. Tonight we had tickets to DPAC to see “Get On Your Feet.” Our friends we sit with had a sick child so Russ and I went to Watts Grocery to have dinner before the show alone. Our server told us about the specials and Russ looked at me longingly when she mentioned the Lobster Mac and Chesse. “Do you want to split it,” he asked. I declined by telling our server, “It’s January, can’t do it.”

I got something else that was not quite as bad for you, the Seared yellow fin tuna over poblano short grain rice with curried kale topped with roasted peanut romesco. It was absolutely divine. I in no way missed the lobster mac and cheese.

It was the perfect meal, I was happy and I left without guilt. It was a very cold walk from the garage to the show, but it was worth braving the cold for. I have never been much of a Gloria Estefan fan, but the show was fun. The music fit perfectly in the story and the actors were all superb.

Although the show was good I don’t need to see it again, but that Watts Grocery tuna is worth a revisit, especially since it is on the healthy, but yummy side.

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