Shay Shay the Royal

After seeing every type of dog in Germany sporting winter coats, Carter and a Russ insisted that Shay needed one too. Given the frigid temperatures we are experiencing right now I am actually glad that this new coat arrived today.

I am sure we could have gone to the local Pet store and gotten her a sweater or inexpensive fleece jacket, but that was not what Carter thought she deserved. Wanting both a fleece on the inside and waterproof jacket on the outside Carter determined that a Barbour jacket was exactly what our princes should sport.

Given that Barbour’s are the official outdoor outfitter for the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles it only seems fitting that our own royal added her standard to the famous outdoor clothing purveyor. Thankfully the dog versions are not as unreasonably priced as their human counter parts. That seems perfect for the British. Let’s spoil our dogs, but not our children.

Shay did not object to trying the jacket on so I hope she will find it is helpful during her long weekend walks with Russ. He too will be sporting his Barbour, but his was a hand-me-down from my father. Just like the royals, we keep our coats for generations.

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