Easiest Move-In Ever

After hearing nightmares of friends moving their children into college I was prepared for the worse. Boston is cold, the streets are snowy and salty. We had breakfast and wedged Carter three suitcases of clothes into the already full filthy SUV.

We knew approximately where Carter’s dorm was, but how to get to the parking lot beside it was still confusing to us. I looked at the satellite map on google and thought I knew how to get there. What I did not know was that there was a gate blocking that entrance into the parking lot. I pulled my Yankee driving U-turn and pulled into the circle where a Northeastern police car sat.

“I’m trying to move my daughter into Stetson East, and I can’t figure out how to get to the parking lot,” I said through my opened window.

“Follow me, I’ll take you,” the kind officer replied.

I pulled up behind him on the circle and he pulled onto the street, turned on his flashing lights and gave us a police escort to the lot entrance. Such service! It was a complicated route, but still.

We pulled up to the gate and a nice attendant told us we could park for a few hours. We got the number one parking place and a team of seven young strong moving men descended on our car with two huge hampers. They had all our belongs out of our car before I was even out of the front seat.

Three of them wheeled the hampers down an icy sidewalk around a building and up into her dorm all the way to her third floor room. They then unloaded all the hampers and were done in a blink of an eye. There was no waiting for elevators or carrying things up stairs, or fighting for a parking space.

To our great delight Carter’s roommate Olivia and her mother Kelli were already there. The room was much better than we could have hoped. With a big southern exposure window and two good sized closets and more storage than I have ever seen in a dorm.

After the unpacking of all that we already had, we made a return trip to Target to finish getting the baskets, lights and trash cans we forgot yesterday. Carter and Olivia both were very excited about creating the perfect nest. The only draw back to the room was the butterscotch colored wall where the closets and door are. I am never sure who picks these colors out or if they are paint company seconds that Universities get for cheep.

Due to the impending blizzard that is coming first thing tomorrow morning, Orientation is now canceled tomorrow. I thought this might happen and last night I changed my flight for tonight and not tomorrow. Unfortunately, Russ has an important business meeting here in the morning. I am not sure the meeting will happen, but he is staying in Boston nonetheless. I am a little sad to be missing dinner tonight with Carter, Olivia and her Mom, but am thankful Russ is still here with her.

Right now I am a little worried about the move out of the dorm. The amount of stuff that is already in that room would fill a small u-haul. Oh, I’ll think about that tomorrow. Today I am just wishing a good semester for Carter and that Russ gets home.

One Comment on “Easiest Move-In Ever”

  1. Kimberly Scott says:

    A lot of people at Univ of Miami use a storage service for the stuff they don’t need to bring home for the summer. Maybe they have something like that for Carter.

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