Dorm Shopping

When I went to college I drove there. My Dad drove a rental station wagon full of my stuff and I drove my bright yellow Sirocco, also full. He dropped me off with all my worldly goods and kept driving right down to Dulles airport to fly back to London where my family lived. I organized everything myself, checked in, went downtown to the local phone company and ordered a phone to be installed, talked my way into getting a car registration even though freshman were forbidden to have them.

The next day a phone installer showed up at my dorm with a two foot drill and bore a hole in the outside wall of the dorm and installed my phone. Only a day or two later when my RA heard my phone ringing did I find out that phones were also forbidden in dorms. I wasn’t trying to be a rule breaker. With my family living in London I needed a car and a phone. I don’t know how, but somehow I was able to keep all my stuff, no matter how illegal.

Today Russ, Carter and I flew to Boston in preparation of moving her into her dorm first thing in the morning. Earlier in the summer I had driven all her bath and bedding up here and left it with cousins Mike and Andrea. Carter packed two big and one small suitcases that flew up with us today. I was amazed that was all she had for college.

The plan to go shopping today for the last few things she would need for her dorm seemed simple. Ha! Due to the cold weather we rented a big SUV because at only 11° it seemed too cold to walk to the stores and back. Well, turns out the cold was the least of our issues.

First we went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where we filled a cart, but only got about half the things on the list. Due to the cold, the elevator from the store to the parking garage was broken so Carter and I carried four body sized bags around a shopping center, up three flights of stairs and across a parking deck. Did I mention, Russ was at a work meeting?

That purchase filled the back of the SUV. Then we retraced our steps to go to a Target, a couple of blocks away. It was so cold that I forgot how to walk and did a slow motion fall on the sidewalk. Thankfully my well padded hips, and long down coat protected me from the fall. I slammed my head on the sidewalk, but since my hood was up and snapped on I did not get hurt. A nice woman came running over to see if I was still alive and together with Carter they attempted to brush all the salt and dirt off of me.

We were mere steps from the Target so I went in the ladies room and cleaned myself off before Carter and I continued the dorm room shopping extravaganza. This was one giant ass two-story Target, which makes all the Durham ones look pitiful. Our favorite thing about it was the cart escalator. You push your cart on it and then you get on the person escalator next to it. The person one runs slightly faster so you get to the top before your cart does!

We filled a cart in Target and those bags took over the back seat of the SUV. Then we drove out to Newton to the cousins to pick up the linens. We were just able to stuff them in the back. Looks like we are going to have to do some very tight packing to get her suitcases in the car in the morning and get everything over to school. So much for the idea that she was hardly taking anything to college in comparison to me.

I guess the best news is she won’t have a car, legal or otherwise and I already has a phone. I don’t know how any college student could live without one.

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