Cait is Here

Carter’s great friend Cait and her family moved away from Durham after graduation. Then she also went to college as far away from Carter as possible at Cal Berkeley. So after five months apart from each other, with only FaceTime, snap chat, instagram, finista, Facebook and texting to keep them together Cait arrived today for a friend reunion and good long visit. All is right in the world.

Nothing makes me happier than having Cait in our house with Carter where she belongs. I just wish her parents and twin brother were with her. True to form and her good breeding, Cait brought us perfect presents from her Holiday trip to Mexico. Russ got burning hot sauce, I got a two year’s supply of Mexican Vanilla and Carter got lipstick and Mexican Candy.

I knew Carter was excited about Cait coming to visit because she did all her prep-packing for Boston and thoroughly cleaned her room. Cait is staying until we leave to move Carter into Northeastern so there is no free time to prep for her next dorm.

Carter’s time at home may be short, but she is making the most of it by having Cait here. It makes me happy too!

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