Fancy Pants and Wait

What are the chances that I have two formal occasions on the same evening in downtown Durham, yet I still have to have two different outfits. The first event was the wedding reception of Justin, one of Russ’ team members and his new Columbian wife Diana.

Their reception was at the Arts Council. I thought it started at five, but I was wrong, it was four do Russ and I were late. Everyone was very kind for our mistake, but who is going to get mad at the boss?

The second event is the Debutante Ball that is being held at the Convention center right behind the Arts Center. Unfortunately the Deb ball is a long dress required event, unless you are under 12 years old.

I brought my ball clothes to Russ’ corporate apartment before the wedding so I had a place to change. Turns out we have more time than I needed to change into my long dress. So here we sit watching jeopardy waiting to change do I don’t get so wrinkly. The ball doesn’t start until 8:30 which is just too late for me these days, but since I know so many Debs this year I have to go and support them. I wish the whole thing started earlier.

Carter and her friend Cait are meeting me there so watching the presentations with will be fun. For now I am just praying that no one will fall, trip or go the wrong direction all dressed up in their fancy pants.

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