Spas Work

I can’t remember how old I was the first time I went to a spa, but I am guessing it was in my thirties. Carter asked for a spa day for Christmas and since she is now over 18 she qualified to go. It was probably a big mistake that I took her to the Umstead for the day.

“I loved that and can’t wait to go back.”

What have I done? On the other had it was the most fun mother daughter day we have had. It also did not hurt that I had a free facial that had been on my account since 2008 and no one had thought to mention it to me on previous visits. I also had a gift card from my mother that she had given me some years ago and I had forgotten to take it the last time time I went.

Without costing me an arm and a leg we had massages, Carter had a facial and we whirlpooled, relaxed, read, had tea, showered, lotioned and all things spa like.

We got home just in time for Carter to go have dinner and a movie with her friend Scarlett and Russ and I to go to our next door neighbors for a party with a Cajun food truck. What could be easier and more delightful than walking next door and enjoying some crawfish and friends.

A relaxing and stress free day. Just what we needed at the end of this crazy year. If only I could go to a spa to escape the real world every month, but then it just wouldn’t be as special. Once a year with Carter might be the answer.

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