Boxing Day Celebrations

I am so happy that Boxing Day has caught on in the US. Of course no one I know is giving the staff the day off to celebrate the holiday the day after Christmas with boxes of leftover Christmas food and their holiday bonus. Mostly because no one I know has staff.

But I do have friends who think Boxing Day is a great excuse to keep celebrating the holiday season. First Carter and I went to a lovely brunch where we got to catch up with friends. Then I came home to prepare to have our old friends the Blanks over for dinner.

We have known the Blanks since before Carter was born. Actually we have known them since before their daughter Isabelle was born and she is exactly two years older than Carter. In the early years the girls spent plenty of time together at each other’s birthdays and going to the farm together. Since they live in Raleigh, when the girls got a little older and a lot busier with their own sports, schools and activities they did not see each other as much.

Tonight was a chance to catch up and talk about when we used to have many cats and a dog and Isabelle would carry our nicest cat Chappy around when he was almost as big as she was. Carter is now too big to sit in Belle’s lap, but at least now they don’t talk baby talk.

Boxing Day has made up for our pitiful Christmas Day. Maybe I am actually the staff and my real holiday is the day after Christmas. I al still waiting for someone to give me my Christmas bonus, but the last thing I need is a box of food. I have a fridge full of leftovers and not enough days in sight to eat it all.

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