Nuremberg Bamberg Potsdam

Today was a day on the move. We woke up in our little flat in Nuremberg, cooked breakfast, rented a car, packed it full and headed North. There was only one bad fight about navigating on our way to Bamberg and then the dust settled and the rest of the day was happy. Since I am the only one who can drive a manual It was my job to do the driving.

We were on our way to Potsdam via Bamberg. We stopped in the medieval town that is now really a city because it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. That does not mean that the modern world does not grow up around it, just that a bunch of buildings are protected, from what I am not quite sure.

Nuremberg Bamberg Potsdam We found parking in an underground lot which is all I worry about when leaving a car with all. Y belongings in a strange city. After wandering through the newer part of the old town, think like 1700’s – 1800’s buildings we crossed over a bridge to the older part, like 1300’s-1500’s. I discovered that Bamberg had been the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, wait, like every place we have been, Prague and Nuremberg were also seats of the Holy Roman Empire. It is kind of like the American equivalent of George Washington slept here. Anyway Bamberg was beautiful, but since it was Monday in December lots of the stuff we wanted to see was closed.

So off to Potsdam we went.

It was a supposed to be a good four hour drive, but thanks to the fine German driving there were plenty of sections of the highway without speed limits and on those I went at least a hundred and I was in the middle lane. The amazing thing about the drive is we left Bamberg where it was dry and over freezing, as we drove north just a bit we came upon miles of snow covered fields and pine forests that looked like Christmas village landscape set up. Well before Potsdam we were back in dry landscape. It was like we had gone through Narnia.

We arrived in Potsdam in the dark, but since Carter had been here in September she described how beautiful it would be in the morning. Carter approved of the hotel we were staying in, which always makes me happy as the travel agent. We walked into the center of town and went to a seafood restaurant that made us happy not to have German food. On our return walk we went a different route that took us up a huge hill at the very end. Russ reported we did 29 flights of stairs today. Still is hardly enough. I can’t wait to see what daylight brings, especially since it only lasts about six hours.

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