I Like Some History and Culture

Yesterday, while Russ and Carter were visiting the toy museum and I was walking back to our flat from the Christmas Market I got a phone call from my father. “It looks like from you blog you are not having any fun.” Only my father would think to call me on the other side of the world and say that.

“Why do you think that?” I ask him.

“Because you are doing all this depressing cultural stuff.”

I forgot what it is like to travel with my father. Sitting in a pub talking to the locals is the kind of culture he likes. He thinks the fact that I no longer drink means that I can never have any fun. When Russ cut way back on drinking he thought it was my fault and that maybe Russ should leave me so he could drink again. For the record, I had nothing to do with Russ cutting back.

So just for my father here are a couple of pictures of Russ enjoying the best of German Culture. That fact that one of these picture was taken in the cafe of the German National Museum might get points off with my Dad, Russ said it was a very good beer nonetheless.

Being Sunday, much is closed here, which I find very interesting for such a non-church going society. But one place that was an advantage to go see on Sunday was the Nuremberg Trial Memorial. Court room 600 in the palace of Justice, where the Nuremberg trials were held, is still a working court room so it is best to visit on a weekend when you can be sure to get to walk in the actual place where History was made.

There is an excellent exhibit upstairs from the court room where we got to listen to every detail of the 200 plus days of the trial. It was fascinating to learn how ground breaking the trial was in the area of international law.

Although my father is a well educated and interesting man, he never would have listened to the whole audio at the exhibit without at least one beer. And since food and drinks were prohibited that would rule out the whole visit.

For those of you who like a little Disney with your culture, I have noted that my favorite line from any Disney song, from Beauty and the beast, “I use antlers in all of my decorating.” Is purely German. Yes, everywhere we have gone there have been antlers, but my favorite was this antlers and dragon chandelier like object we saw in the national Museum. Apparently antlers have been part of the culture for a very long time, like back when dragons roamed the countryside. How’s that for Culture, Dad?

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