Yes, I’m Nuts About Christmas Decorating

Let me qualify my title, I love decorating the inside of my house for Christmas. There may be many TV shows dedicated to those people who bedeck their houses with more lights than are needed to power Paducah, Kentucky, but that is not my affliction. I am a purely inside Christmas decorator. It is very generous of the light-my-house people to do that so we can drive by and Oohhh and ahhh, but I want to sit inside my house and look at all the Christmas.

One of the things I find most pleasurable is making something new every year to add to my indoor ornaments. I am not talking one new ornament on my tree or even a dozen new Needlepoint ornaments on my garland, more like a new Christmas village, or homemade wreath made out of silver cookie cutters or my favorite, my “happy birthday baby Jesus tree.”

I like totally original things so it involves me making something. I don’t get to count stitching new ornaments, those are just icing.

One might think I am running out of places to put Christmas stuff, but I have not yet had to resort to decorating closets or the garage. I am not so systematic that I look around the year before and say, “the sunroom could really use something.” Instead I just wait to be inspired during the year with whatever new craft I am teaching myself.

This year was a no brainer since I took up quilting. I did make four quilts since August, but I thought that I could make different Christmas placemats as a way to teach myself different skills and techniques. They are in no way perfect, but they did give me lots of chances to push my quilting skills. It was also fun to make up different patterns. I quickly learned it was hard to make them all the same size when I was just winging making up the pattern. The real reason to do this was so I could learn to actually do the quilting part rather than just making the pieced tops.

As I look around my house I see so many potential new Christmas projects, like I could learn to make slip covers and recover my furniture into a red and green theme in December, or I could take up wood working and carve a life size Santa with a chain saw. In all seriousness, I think next year I would like to make a real homemade big gingerbread house. The only problem with that is the temporary nature of baked goods. I like to make things that last year after year. Maybe I should just quilt a gingerbread house.

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