Some Kind of Nesting

It is going on four moths since Carter has been home. That is a long time for me not to have hugged my baby. I am going to get to see her in less than a week and I think I have gone into a nesting phase kind of like pregnant women do right before they give birth.

I have been readying the house for Carter’s return home in ways I have never done before. Earlier in the week I was in her bathroom. I looked at the grout on her floor and wondered how it had gone from once pristine white to dingy brown. I am sure it has been years since it was sparkling now it was really bugging me.

With Clorox in hand, I remedied the situation. Probably no one else is ever going to notice, but for some reason I felt like I wanted her bathroom spic and span.

With my robot vacuum I am hardly letting a bit of dust settle on the floor for more than an hour. My paintings have never been so well dusted. I am looking at rooms in my house with a magnifying glass like eye to see if something needs shining.

I cleaned the inside of the refrigerator today with engineering precision. Removing parts to be washed in the sink that I am sure were supposed to be factory sealed. I can only strike this new found cleaning bug up to trying to make home so nice for Carter, like bringing a baby home from the hospital.

Not that she requires this. Anything in our normal home mode is going to be welcome after having had to share a communal kitchen with a large group of teenagers who don’t know what dish soap is. I think the thing she is going to like best is the security of a home fridge where if she puts something in it she knows it will still be there the next day. Sharing food storage with people who have no qualms eating your food has been frustrating.

So things are getting ready for her arrival. Of course she might not notice the clean kitchen because all she wants is good Mexican Food, and by good I mean Chipotle, since Berlin is void of any Mexican. Seems like a business opportunity to me, but I don’t want her staying there any longer than needed. So come on home for the Mexican food and I will be happy.

For some reason this post was stuck in cyber space yesterday along with all my emails. It was written yesterday but posted today along with another one to keep up my everyday blogging!

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