Does My Dog Make Me Unproductive?

I had to wake up early today so I could get Shay Shay to her groomers for her monthly hairdo. I know that we spend more money getting her hair done than the rest of the family combined, but everyone in the family is extra happy with her when she is clean and smells downright French.
Somehow when Shay is off at her spa day I am extra productive. I don’t have anyone to walk or beg to sit in my lap or snuggle and need petting or just someone to talk to, even though I always monopolize the conversation. So today while she was getting beautified, I noticed that I was like a whirlwind or dust devil or some quick spinning thing getting done tasks that I had been putting off for weeks.
I finished hand sewing the binding on my latest quilt, convinced two chefs to be headliners at the Chef’s Feast fundraiser for the Food Bank I am chairing, did many loads of laundry, paid bills that had been collecting dust all over my office, visited with a friend who came and picked up soup, cleaned out the refrigerator, made a quilt top placemat, made doctors appointments, put toilet paper in every bathroom, responded to 34 emails on various important and mundane topics, wished people happy birthday as well as condolences, wrote thank you notes that were so overdue the people probably had crossed me off their Christmas card list, made appointments for furnace repair and turned into receipts for payback on jobs done poorly.
All this was done in the five hours that Shay was being pampered. Once I was called to retrieve her all progress came to a halt. I whiled away an hour or two on my IPad while she snuggled next to me with that, “How could you have been without me?” look on her face.
I am beginning to think I need to find a play group for her to attend once a week so I can get things done. She is just the best excuse/distraction from being productive.  

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