Travel Training

When I was little my family used to leave cool Connecticut in August and drive for two days straight to Pawleys Island where the sand was often too hot to walk on. The drive was always in a giant Chevy station wagon with a boat load of crap tied to the top, and one sister laid out in half of the way back praying that the suitcases and bags on the other half would not fall on her during a turn.
The car, if it had air conditioning, never got to a real cool temperature and the smoke wafting from the front seat engulfed us in the back with no place to escape. Those two days of fighting with my sisters if one of them gave me the side eye trained me that this was the worst way to travel.
I wish that I had a time machine and could have taken Carter back to those I-95 nightmares, with some siblings for her to build up a resistance to bad travel. Instead I made Carter’s travel life just beautiful, flying to Hawaii in first class when she was six, by turning in frequent flyer miles. Yes, I wanted to go first class, but the worst thing I ever did was take her that way.
Now that Carter is in Europe she is having to do some travel that is not to her liking. First she had a school required trip to Dresden where they stayed in a sub par youth hostel. Then today she had a big scare, when her budget airline canceled her 10PM flight from Paris to Alicante Spain, along with her nine traveling companions.
I got some panicked texts. There was nothing I could do for her here so I told her to go to the airport and find out what the issue was. Thankfully the flight ended up being delayed and she did not have to spend the night in the airport. That is never a happy prospect, but especially after you have only had four hours sleep the night before.
I got a text picture of her legs on the flight. The space between seats was made for midgets and she said there wasn’t even a seat back pocket for cushion. The torture of budget travel and long legs. She announced she is going to work very hard and earn plenty of money so she does not have to travel like this very long.
Maybe it was a good thing she has been spoiled by traveling with me if it makes her work to earn her own money. I’m not sure how sorry I am when she is going from Paris to Alicante.

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