My Mom’s Art

If you know me you might know that my Mom is a fabulous artist. She started painting in her thirties, teaching herself oils, acrylic and watercolors in days well before you tube. She has won every kind of award a watercolor artist can win.  
Proof of her artistic genius is that her style changes over time. Her early work was good, but never getting stuck in a rut she evolved and improved. Prolific is too mild a word for her. She paints everyday that she is at the farm, but there is not huge art market up in Caswell county.
Just in time for Christmas I am having a show of her work at my house November 12-14. If you are interested in being invited please message me. Please bring your friends. For anyone who brings someone who I don’t already know will get ten percent off any painting you purchase.
The bonus is you will also get to meet my Mom and enjoy some refreshments. She will provide the art and I will provide the food, that way we will be playing to our strengths.

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