Let’s Start With Agreement

I’m tired of all the disagreement in America. As we become more and more insular with our own beliefs I fear that we are not listening to any other point of view. I know that I am not going to change anyone’s mind by just spouting what I believe so I want to change the whole conversation. Let start with a ground work of what we all agree we want in America. Beginning with the positive might get us to where we can all be happy.
I’ll start the list, but welcome you to add to it.
In America we all want or need:
Opportunities for good and fair paying jobs and a chance for improvement.

Education systems for all our children to learn and blossom.

Clean air and water in abundance.

Healthy food available for everyone.

Solid infrastructure to move us around.

Freedom to practice our beliefs.

Right to speak our minds without fear.

Control of our own bodies.

Available good healthcare nearby.

Peace in our country and our world.

Fair tax system.

Affordable housing.

Now what these things mean to you and how to get there are your point of view, but if we can start with principles we agree on we may see that we are more alike as Americans than different. If we consider us one America first and not that our neighbor is our enemy we can move forward.  

2 Comments on “Let’s Start With Agreement”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    All you have to do to achieve your list is to change your country name to Canada (tee-hee ).

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