British Morris Makes America Happy 

It is a gorgeous, global warming is a real thing, day here in North Carolina. Sunny and 72 degrees. Sorry to my friends up north. Russ and I ate lunch on the terrace and with nothing else important to do we pulled the Morris Minor out of the garage to run the most mundane of errands.  
A dry and warm day is the perfect time to drive a car with little heat, no air, no radio, electrical outlet or retractable seat belts. Down Hope Valley road we went first to get gas for the baby blue car. Four gallons is practically filling the tank. As Russ pumped the gas I nodded to the other customers who came by with thumbs up or big smiles when they see the clown of the car.
We headed down to Southpoint to the Sur la Table store to recycle our coffee capsules. While stopped at a light an old guy with long hey hair in a beat up Trans Am pulled up beside us. I looked over at him and he gave me the “what up?” head nod, while checking out my car, and thankfully not me. When the light turned green he raced ahead. I laughed that he had an antique car license plate on the early eighties machine, while we sport just a regular ‘ole NC plate.
Once at the mall I just pulled up to a loading bay and stayed in the car while Russ ran the recycling in. No less than a dozen people stopped to say they loved the car in the five minutes he was gone. One lady said, “That makes my day.”
Two more errands for wiper blades for Carter and new house keys to be cut and dozens more happy people waving at us. I have decided that I need to drive the Morris everyday to make “America Happy Again.” Since I don’t have a radio I can block all the news of what is going on in the rest of the country and just concentrate on the few square miles the Morris travels.
If you are local and are having a particularly rotten day, give me a call and I will come take you for a ride. Nothing makes you happier than seeing the smiling faces of the people you pass. 

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