Super Bowl Rainbow Ads

Growing up in the sixties and seventies I rarely saw an ad that had anyone that looked like me. Although I am white, I was brunette girl and I was not the ideal that Madison Avenue used to represent their products. Most people in ads were men first, then beautiful blonde women and they all were white. They had perfect teeth and were always thin. It seemed that ad guys picked actors in the aspirational mold rather than the representational type.
After cooking all day I finished right in the nick of time to watch the coin toss of the Super Bowl. I know I missed a lot of ads that happened during the pre-game show, but I came to the TV right as the Coke ad was running showing the biggest rainbow of people of all looks. It made me feel good about America despite the current administration.
This Coke ad reminded me of the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” Coke ad. In 1971 when that ad came out it was ground breaking in the rainbow of people it featured. It was a changing moment for Madison Avenue. Finally regular people were staring in ads and we liked them and it made us feel good about ourselves.
Now beautiful people are not out of the business of selling us stuff, but I feel like the ads showing the many faces of America remind us that we are one country. A few minutes after the Coke ad, Ford had a really good one with faces of many colors. Then so did Air BnB.
Thanks Madison Avenue. Don’t let what is currently happening in Washington take us backwards in representing all kinds of people in ads. There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful skinny blonde white young woman, just that is not the majority of who we are.  
If I drank soda I would go buy a Coke just to support their ad campaign. I guess I will have to drive my Ford to the store and buy a Dasani water. Nothing supports policy better than voting with your dollars. I am going to take note of all the advertisers who are promoting kindness, diversity and inclusion and buy their products first.

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