Bad Calendar Management

I’m not always good at looking ahead on my calendar. I generally know what is upcoming if I put it on the calendar, but something’s get populated automatically. If you don’t use an electronic calendar you might not understand how this works. I use my Apple calendar and subscribe to things like Carter’s school info. This means that all the details for basketball games are automatically put my calendar.  
Today I realized for the first time that Carter does not have school on Monday. If I had looked ahead I would have known that it is a teacher workday. The day after the Super Bowl is becoming more and more a day that people don’t show up for work, so this might have been well planned.  
As soon as I realized it was a day off I decided it might be a good day to provide food for my cooking challenged friends. I also had a big bag of carrots and garlic that I needed to cook so I decided that chicken and veggie phyllo pie would be a good thing to make this weekend. So off to Costco I went. In the back of my head I knew that the Super Bowl is tomorrow, but it was not on my calendar.
As I waited many minutes just to turn into the Costco parking lot I kicked myself for bad calendar management. I generally don’t like to go to Costco on weekends or before big holidays but on a big holiday weekend, what was I thinking? I circled the parking lot looking for a parking spot. It was a little bit of a shock to my system was I was not able to get my regular, first row-right next to the cart corral spot. Eventually I got one after waiting for a man to unload a big screen TV into his Honda Accord, along with seven cases of beer.
Once in the store I dodged many groups of amateur shoppers who were lazily browsing the stretchy pants section. That is good planning on the day before Super Bowl. I squeezed my way past them skillfully using my cart as if it had a cow catcher on the front to part the oblivious shoppers. I made it back to the vegetable cooler, which much to my surprise of empty of other shoppers. Apparently people don’t eat vegetables on Super Bowl Sunday.  
Like a running back who just caught the ball on the way to the end zone I swiftly made my way to the fresh chicken cooler where I tossed in pounds and pounds of chicken. Gliding my cart to the milk cooler, which was also empty of all shoppers, I was on the home stretch to get to the checkout. Where were all the people who had filled the parking lot? The stretchy pant section was not that full.
As I rounded the aisle where the chips are I found them. A sea of humanity packed so tight they looked like passengers trying to board the life boats on the Titanic. I stopped and backed myself out of there since I was in no need of chips. I made a mad sprint down the middle of the store to get to the check out lanes that are often the shortest, but only seasoned Costco shopper know how to get there without having to squeeze around all the other lines.
Miraculously, I got behind one man buying nothing but water. “You must be from Chapel Hill,” I commented. He was. I was in and out of Costco in less time than it took me find a parking place. Buying real food that needs to be cooked is unpopular this weekend.
I can’t think of anything better to do on a Super Bowl Sunday than make chicken pies for my friends. Keeping busy cooking takes my mind off eating traditional cheesy, gooey, spicy, fattening Super Bowl snacks. I just need to remember to look further ahead in my calendar and plan accordingly.

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