Need Water?

Carter and I got home from her basketball game in Raleigh tonight and I went to the fridge and got myself a glass of ice water. It was easy. I put the glass up to the dispenser on the fridge and after the glass half filled with yummy crushed ice I switched it over to cold refreshing water and took a big gulp. That’s when it hit me. My friends in Chapel Hill don’t have any water tonight.
I was at Chapel Hill Needlepoint around noon today when the guy who runs my favorite lunch spot, Lucha Tigre next door popped in to say they were closing as were every restaurant in the whole town due to a water emergency. He followed that up by tell Nancy that all homes and businesses were ordered not to use any water, including flushing toilets. What!?!?!
The hope was they could fix whatever was wrong in four or five hours, but even that long is too long to go without water. I stayed at needlepoint a while and by one thirty felt like I should get home to Durham, land of running water. I told my needlepoint friend Nancy she was welcome to come to my house if she needed water.
Apparently I waited in Chapel Hill too long because the University let everyone go and the public schools were closing so everyone could go home and not have water at their own houses. As I sat in a big traffic jam trying to get home I called one friend to invite her to come stay at my house. “Thanks, but we have a well and septic and for once I am happy not to be on city water'” she told me. What good news.  
By the time I got home it was time to leave to go to Raliegh. On my way there I heard on the radio the water ban had extended for another 24 hours. Since I was walking into a game I did not stop and call other Chapel Hill friends to extend water to them. I got home late and now I feel a little guilty drinking this yummy glass of water. I want to throw it out there that any of my Chapel Hill friends who need water, the facilities or a shower are welcome to come to our house. I heard that all the bottled water was sold out in Orange and Durham Counties by two in the afternoon. 
I hope that they can get this problem fixed faster than that. Life without water is just plain hard, especially for a plumbing loving society like ours.  

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