Dog Self Diagnosis Diagram

Shay has not been well for about a week. It does not seem like anything serious. It started with some gas (sorry for the graphic nature), then lose stools, then she would be better. Last night she threw up, then she was better. We threw out her food in case that was what was making her sick. She ate, she would have some GI problems, but she never complained. She did not have a temp, she still walked and she still played. As she lay on the bed I could her her tummy gurgle in an unusual way.
Tonight she went to her basket of toys in the sun room and violently threw each one out of the basket and across the room until she found the yellow dinosaur she was looking for. I took this as a sign that she was feeling better. I know that might be reading a lot into my dog’s actions, but it is all I have to go on.
Not being able to tell me,”Mommy, I have a tummy ache,” is hard on us both. I wish that I could invent some dog picturegrams that described how she is feeling that she could go and stand on to clearly communicate how she is really feeling.  
Gas, might not be a big deal, of course as long as you are not on the smelling end of it. Runny poop is bad, but as long as it is not the symptom of something worse and she can make it outside to do her business then it is fine. But is she feeling at least OK? Her eyes are clear. Her breath is good. Her nose is cold. Her breathing is fine, no limping, no whining no refusing to eat or go out, but I want her to tell me, “I’m good.”
I guess this is what I am going to have to worry about in the future when Carter leaves home. I am going to be one of those crazy pet parents. Oh, I probably already am.

One Comment on “Dog Self Diagnosis Diagram”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I hope little Shay Shay feels better very soon. I am sure you are giving her the best TLC possible.

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