Rain, Though Be It Short Lived, At Last

The lush sound of rain pounding on the roof is something I have missed in the last few months. Tonight, finally, after this long stretch of drought I am rewarded with a sudden and harsh down pour. I know that it will be short lived tonight. The hard rain on the barren soil will hardly have a chance to soak it, but instead will roll off and run away to lower ground.
Perhaps this quick rain will prime the land for more rain to come tomorrow. We so desperately need the water. My yard looks like the brown prickly hair of a hedgehog. I refuse to pay to water it since I could easily spend a thousand dollars in a month and still not have green grass. Instead I chose not to waste the precious water on something so fleeting as grass. Nonetheless I am thankful for the rain.
Sadly the forecast for the week does not show many days full of rain, just Monday and perhaps a little Thursday. Whatever good this rain does will be wiped away in a day or two. For now I just want to enjoy the sweet sound the water falling from the sky makes. It is so easy to take it for granted.

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