Mr. Soft Hands

The highlight of my magazine career was my exclusive interview with Colin Firth the summer he was filming the flop of a movie, Main Street in Durham. When I got home from my start struck time with him I told Russ that the thing that surprised me the most about him were his very soft hands. The fact that he was incredibly kind and generous with his time did not surprise me at all, he was Mr. Darcy after all.
My editor at the time, Matt, went on to title my article, “Dana Lange’s Diary”. You can google it because the official Colin Firth Fan club has permanently immortalized it on the internet. All this being said, when the new Bridget Jones Baby opened today it was practically a family obligation that we go and see it. Well, for me and Carter, since Russ still holds a little grudge against Mr. soft hands.
I don’t want to give a thing away about the movie, but I will say that Carter burst into tears more than once. The best part of the movie, which stars Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth in their original roles, but also Patrick Dempsey as a competing love interest, was a line in the movie about how soft Patrick Dempsey’s hands were. Carter and I felt like it was an inside joke for us that was actually just a coincidence.
I have to say that Colin Firth still has it. No slight to Russ. I am really looking forward to the next Bridget Jones installment, Bridget Jones Chooses a Nursing Home. I’m a sucker for a Colin Firth movie and am perfectly happy to watch him sitting in a wheel chair drooling.

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