My Favorite Night At School

Tonight was Parents’ Night (notice the apostrophe for all who were there) at Carter’s school. It is my favorite night of the year because it is when we get to go an meet the teachers and hear what Carter will be studying this year. Every year this is the night that makes me want to go back to school, but not any school, to Durham Academy.
This is my fourteenth and final Parents’ Night, but by far the best one because as a senior Carter has the most flexibility in what she gets to take and who is teaching her. Going to sit in her classrooms with teachers who are smart and passionate makes me interested in classes I wouldn’t even have considered taking myself. But I practically drool over the classes I would have chosen and am incredibly jealous that my child gets to do this everyday.  
Of course I am only envious of the learning and the intellectual banter. I wouldn’t even mind homework if I liked the subject, but I could do it all without the tests, or paper writing or grades.
I know that there is a lot of pressure on the kids to do well and get into college and do well, and get a job and do well. For now I hope they can appreciate the pleasure of learning. It is such a huge gift that is not available to many, especially at the level they are working at.
Parents’ Night always reminds me that we made a great decision when Carter was four years old to send her to this school. I know she is ready to move on to her next place, but When she does I hope she will look back at DA as the special place it truly is.

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