Super Power

At some point today I heard something about super powers and that got me day dreaming. I’m not talking about real super powers, like being able to lift twice your weight, or having the kind of memory that lets you recall every day of your life, but the cartoon kind of super powers, like flying without a plane, or web throwing.
Since I am not a comic book reader normally I don’t usually wonder or wish for an ability that is beyond my natural capabilities. But dreaming doesn’t hurt. My first inclination for a super power would be “consistent weight girl.” I could always be 140 pounds no matter what I ate or drank. I figured that consistent was better than being able to eat anything and not gain weight, because I could die from not eating enough then.
Then I thought deeper. Consistent weight does not get me any further ahead in life. It is a power that is only good for me, not one I could leverage. I could turn it into a job to maybe be a quality control taster for a bakery, but that would probably get very dull.
Being a crime fighter does not interest me, so being able to deflect bullets or run so fast that I could catch bad guys is not my thing. I thought about being super brilliant, but then when I consider the smartest people I know, they are not usually that fun. I certainly don’t want to have any power that makes me less fun.
I don’t want to be able to read people’s minds because I really don’t care what other people are thinking. Sorry. So what do I want?
As a natural salesman at first I thought I wanted the ability to convince people of anything. Wait, no. That could lead to all kinds of things going wrong. I could totally control all elections and I don’t need that kind of responsibility. Since the power was just to convince people, I very well might be sending people in the wrong direction, because I am not any smarter.  
Then it hit me, the super power I really wish I had, that of always having good judgement. I would love to never worry if I have done the right thing at the right time, because my super power would confirm that I was on the best path. I could advise politicians and corporations of what the best road to take was. That does not mean I would come up with the plan, but given two or three options I could tell them which one was best.
Being Good Judgement Girl is never going to get me my own Saturday morning cartoon. Do they still have those anyway? Good judgement is not sexy, nor thrilling, but it sure is solid. That’s what I want, to be solid. If I had good judgement I might also always be 140 pounds because I would make wise food choices. Hey, I think I’m on to something. This super power might be more multifaceted than I thought. Wonder how I get this superpower?

One Comment on “Super Power”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I find the teachings of the Bible help, but I know you already attend church. Yes, I too wish I always had the perfect answer to life’s dilemmas. If you find a way to bottle the quality of good judgment, let me know!

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